Cypress, TX Owner Shares Her Personal Story

Karilyn Barnett

How Karilyn found her balance.

Karilyn Barnett opened BeBalanced—a hormone therapy practice focused on women—on Hwy. 290 in April, 2017. Barnett opened the clinic after finding success in the program herself.

“I saw my family physician right before I found [BeBalanced], and I had hit a plateau for several weeks,” Barnett said. “She looked at me and said, ‘Sometimes you just have to accept the fact that you’re getting older.’ She didn’t have any answers.”

Barnett said she had heavy menstrual cycles as a young girl, and she was diagnosed with endometriosis in her 20s. This led to infertility, and she had a hysterectomy to address the issues, which led to other problems, including a 60-pound weight gain.

Many women come into the clinic at a loss because exercising and dieting does not always deliver weight loss results, Barnett said.

“I had worked from home for the last 15 years, which allowed me to hide and harbor my weight,” she said. “It got to the point where I didn’t want to do anything socially or leave the house, and I had anxiety and depression.”

About a year and a half ago, Barnett started researching career opportunities outside the home and stumbled upon franchising for BeBalanced online. Skeptical at first, she went through treatment to learn more and quickly began to feel better about herself after using homeopathic creams that support glandular systems and balance progesterone levels.

Within the first month, Barnett said she lost 18 pounds, no longer experienced anxiety or depression, stopped having hot flashes and did not crave sugar anymore. Results were not only immediate, but they were also long-lasting, she said.

“Our centers are designed to be a place where women can share some of the things they’ve been experiencing,” she said. “We validate that you’re not crazy, but these things are very real. To me, the biggest thing that I got was hope that there was something out there that could help me.”

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